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Trade Log

-May 28, 2016-
- Traded Marina: my incredibles04, incredibles06, incredibles14, incredibles15 for despicableme-minions18, aladdin17, aladdin12, nbchristmas12

-May 04, 2016-
- Traded Alecks: my bighero615 for littlemermaid17

-May 01, 2016-
- Traded Fina: my batb-somethingsthere05, tangled-haveadream13, brave16, frozen-anna08, toystory-woodybuzz03, elixabeth for aladdin02, aladdin07, despicableme09, despicableme18, despicableme20, Fina

-April 24, 2016-
- Traded angelrose: my tinkerbell10, chipmunks-seetheworld05, chipmunks-seetheworld11, chipmunks-seetheworld19 for despicableme-minions06, despicableme03, findingnemo14, aladdin-iago03, angelrose

-April 19, 2016-
- Traded Evie: my bambi-bambi10 for aladdin01